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The program integrates the scientific disciplines of physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics. Evaluating the capabilities and limitations of different soil types, examining soil biological activity and assessing the availability of water and nutrients within soil is essential to establishing a healthy balanced and agriculturally productive soil.

This program has been designed for students to be able to learn remotely at home, however it can easily be used by teachers within the classroom setting.

The learning content is a mixture of informative text, short films, website links and hands-on activities focused on students gathering data to support the analysis of their own backyard soil health.

The program is open ended thus allowing differentiation and adaptability to the abilities of the students.

Module 1:

What is Soil Science?

Module 2:

Soil Biology

Module 3:

Soil Texture

Module 4:

Soil Water Retention

Module 5:

Soil pH

Module 6:

Making Soil Healthy

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