Sensors Immersion Day

Thales Design Competition

Tue 30 July | 9.30am - 2.30pm

Year 9/10 designers, coders and makers have the opportunity to design a sensor tech solution to make their community better and safer. Students can participate with their class or independently in teams of 3 - 6 students. Great Prizes to be won!

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Teacher PD - VEX Robotics

Mon 19 Aug | 9.30am - 3.30pm

Participants will be hands-on building and programming large robots, focusing on VEX competition robots and how student learning is designed around a competition.

Ballarat Tech School has VEX competition gear and is keen to support a local competition base.

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Specialist Game Design Program

Limited 12 places

Aug 6th - 8th | 9am - 3pm

Nominate a year 8/9 student eager to work in the game industry for a 3 day specialist game design program. Students will design a 3D Side Scroller Game, which can be downloaded to mobile and tablet devices. Learn how to use Epic Games "Unreal Engine" (UE4) software.

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Peter Doherty Science Award (PDSA)

The PDSA is an initiative of Committee for Ballarat and Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty for year 9 and 10 students to solve an everyday issue by undertaking research using the scientific method.

Class bookings are open.

Prizes $1000 ($400 student team and $600 school).

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