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This program takes students on a food design journey based on chocolate while introducing them to indigenous Australian bushfood flavours. The program focuses on innovation in food, food products and our food culture.

Students develop collaboration and teamwork skills in a guided design experience that allows them to choose specialist roles within the team. Each team member plays a critical role developing specific elements to create and pitch their concept to their peers.

Session 1:

Students explore the way food is associated with culture and identity. They are taken on a sensory discovery experience to smell and taste different Australian bushfood products and flavours.

Session 2:

Students take on the challenge to create a new Australian bushfood chocolate bar using a Thermomix to make chocolate from raw ingredients. They prepare a promotional pitch for their new product.

Session 3:

Students participate in a new product taste testing survey to evaluate the newly made products. They then participate in a pitch relay to present their new product to the class for feedback.

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