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The Augmented Consciousness program is broken into three parts, exploring consciousness as a continuum and changes to a person’s psychological state as an indicator as of their level of consciousness.

Part 1:

Students use “beer goggles” to simulate different levels of blood alcohol concentration and complete tasks to measure self-control and perceptual distortion.

Part 2:

Students use “fatal vision” glasses to simulate sleep deprivation and explore how it can affect speed and accuracy.

Part 3:

Students use the 0.25 BAC “beer goggles” and “fatal vision” glasses to complete an interactive activity measuring their speed and accuracy.

Students collect data throughout to use post visit, applying key science skills to a practical task.

Prior to attending, teachers will be provided with activity ideas designed to spark discussion around awareness, how features of consciousness change in different states and comparing sleep deprived states to alcohol induced states.

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