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The Virtual Brain program is broken into two parts and delivery can be organised to fit into a double period if required or extended to 3 hours for a more in depth experience.

Part 1:

Exploration of the human brain using an annotated 3D model on the Inside Explorer tables. Students undertake a fight, flight, freeze experiment using heart rate monitors and virtual reality software allowing them to conduct the experiments safely and control more of the variables.

Part 2:

Using the real brain scans in the virtual model, students can rotate, zoom in and slice through the different areas of the brain to review the function, location and interrelationship of each part. The content is tailored specifically to the VCE curriculum and is presented in a completely unique way through cutting edge technology.

Program Variation

Year 10:

Focus can be on the Nervous System for virtual reality and Insider Explorer tables with greater levels of guidance and instruction.

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