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Students will apply genetic techniques used in medical research and testing environments. They will gain experience in the use of gel electrophoresis and blood specimen microscopic examination, both of which are typically carried out in wet laboratories.

Part 1:

Students will separate patient DNA by gel electrophoresis.

Part 2:

Students will examine blood specimens from patients with and without sickle cell anaemia.

Part 3:

Students will visualise the patients DNA sample profile and use a molecular weight standard curve to diagnose each patient.

Program Variation

Year 10:

3 hr program during which students complete only the onsite activities.

VCE Biology:

Students complete the onsite activities as well as the pre and post program activities on the Ballarat Tech School website portal. Students will use numerous computer-based tools to process and analyse electrophoresis data as well as online tools to access the scientific literature and perform bioinformatics procedures.

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