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This program is design specifically to introduce students to the scientific method through application involving hands-on laboratory work and the construction of a scientific poster.

The program supports students to participate in the Peter Doherty Science Award, equipping them with the tools and inspiration to pursue their own scientific investigations.

The workshop deliberately uses everyday materials that can be easily obtained from supermarkets, demonstrating to students that the application of science is accessible to everyone.

Part 1:

Given a model biological problem, students formulate a testable hypothesis and apply the scientific method to rapidly test the effectiveness of a range of solutions to control the growth of baker’s yeast.

Part 2:

The focus is on identifying the independent, dependent and controlled variables in relation to the execution of a fair test, and repeatable trials to support the validity of results.

Past 3:

The central elements of a scientific poster are examined in relation to the scientific method. Students construct a poster of their rapid investigation which can be a template for future posters.

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