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During this one-day program, students will learn to pilot a Tello drone to trigger a VEX IQ robot to perform a rescue operation. Search and retrieval operations are one of the many industry applications of ground and aerial robotics.

In this one day program, students will learn to build, configure and code a VEX IQ robot which will incorporate the use of lights, proximity sensors and bump triggers. Students will work in pairs throughout the day to develop a search and retrieval solution which they will showcase in a whole class challenge at the end of the day.

Session 1:

Students work in pairs to assemble their VEX IQ robot and explore how to use bump sensors and proximity sensors to replicate current real world examples such as a robot vacuum or lawn mower.

Session 2:

Increasingly complex programming is introduced to students, and they start to investigate how to design a solution for a search and retrieval challenge. Students will also design a custom-built ad on to their VEX IQ which will enable a drone to trigger an event on their robot.

Session 3:

Students will learn how to fly a Tello drone and hone their piloting skills. They will then combine their flying skills, combining these with their VEX IQ builds to simulate a search and retrieval scenario.

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