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The healthcare industry is one of the top five sectors where robot intervention is predicted to change how we work with and care for people in our communities. Robots have the potential to relieve the pressure on front line health care workers and support an ageing population to stay in their own homes longer.

This program is a highly engaging way of introducing or enhancing students programming knowledge using visual node-based programming skills while considering personal, social, ethical questions about the future as they design robotic responses to real service industry and care assistance scenarios.

Day 1 –

Students meet NAO (now) Robots and are introduced to Choregraph software, completing a number of introductory and increasingly complex workshops to program NAO for conversation and human interactions.

Day 2 –

Students apply their knowledge and skills from day 1 participating in a Design Thinking sprint to create a robotic program for the benefit of a sick, elderly, injured person or person with a disability.

Each day is divided into 3 sessions with a morning tea break (20 mins) and a lunch break (30 mins) included both days.

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