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When you play the Game of Drones, you win when you fly! Drones are currently used in a large variety of industries as well as for recreational purposes. From inspecting wind turbines or agricultural crops to Defence Force racing teams, there are many
careers on offer for drone pilots.

Game of Drones gives students hands on experience learning to code, test and fly drones whilst discussing what the future of drones may look like. It lends itself to students currently studying subjects such as systems
engineering or electronics. A basic understanding of electrical circuits will
ensure students get the most out of the program.

Session 1:

Introduction to drone components and function. Students build a model drone before wiring up an Arduino to our custom-made drone test rig, coding to control all 4 motors using a joystick to determine the
power supplied to each motor.

Session 2:

Students trial their setup on our BTS drone test rig to see if they can balance the quad to sit level and are challenged to consider how they might change their code to reflect more accurately what a flight control does to keep a drone flying level.

Session 3:

After lunch, students will have the opportunity to earn their “wings” in our “Top Gun” pilots challenge. Flying our Tello drones, they receive a mission brief which they will need to practice flying manually, before moving onto coding the drones to complete the mission using the interactive mission control pads.


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