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Unreal Engine is a game development platform developed by Epic Games which is freely available and is an excellent tool to learn the basics of 3D game development.

This course lends itself to all ages and abilities, with students in younger year levels taking a slower and simpler approach to the content, while more advanced students can learn the full suite of core concepts and/or the visual scripting language of Blueprints.

Session 1:

Students work individually to complete a number of challenges laid out in a gamified manner, guiding them through basics of the software including the manipulation of the game objects, default settings like physics and materials, and interfacing with scripted objects such as enemies and Non-Playable Character (NPCs).

Session 2:

Once basics have been established, students can choose one or more specialised areas to learn more about and work in pairs to complete a storyboard of an idea that they will bring to life in the Unreal Engine.

Session 3:

Students can learn more advanced techniques, such as modifying elements like gravity, player’s jumping ability and even modifying scripted objects in the visual scripting language of ‘Blueprints’. Students present their storyboard progress to their classmates.

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