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3D Modelling involves the use of computer-generated graphics to produce a 3-dimensional representation of an object or surface. By manipulating “vertices” (points in virtual space) to form a “mesh” (collection of vertices) you can then manipulate the “mesh” to form a realistic object, displaying characteristics you would expect to see in real life.

3D Modelling is becoming an integral part of many careers, from Engineering and Architecture to Game Design and Special Effects and will have increasing application in jobs of the future. In this program students will learn the basics using freely available software, including important shortcuts to help them become more efficient designers.

Session 1:

Students are introduced to Blender software and the concept of “Hotkeys” and begin the process of creating a simple 3D model of an object within a virtual environment.

Session 2:

As students develop more confidence and skill, additional 3D modelling techniques are included, as are material / light sciences to create a photorealistic scene.

Session 3:

Students share ideas & progress, collaborating to ensure that they can produce a finished product. Extension steps are added for those who master the skills quickly & students present their object to the class.

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