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Bushfood Bites are bite-size sessions introducing students to Australian native Bushfoods as a growing revolution in the Australian food industry. It explores the science and innovation behind popular foodie products.

Watch online Masterclasses and try recipes that enable students to create their own bushfood inspired meals. The learning content is a mixture of informative text, short films, website links and hands-on activities.

Students and teachers can pick and choose which Bushfood Bite to explore at any time. This program is open ended allowing differentiation for student abilities.

Bushfood Bite 1 - About Australian Bushfoods

Bushfood Bite 2 - Murnong

Bushfood Bite 3 - Bushfood Garden

Bushfood Bite 4 - Cooking Challenge

Bushfood Bite 5 - Science of Chocolate

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