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Bees play a crucial role in garden ecosystems, including pollination for 90% of the foods we consume daily.

Students are asked to solve the environmental mystery: Why are bee populations in decline? Using CAD (Computer-aided design) software and VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, they then design a virtual environment that would help improve the chances of bees “surviving” then “thriving” to increase pollination of plants in that space.

Session 1:

Students discuss their knowledge about declining bee populations globally and research contributing factors. They investigate the life cycle of a bee, bee anatomy and understand how a bee colony functions.

Session 2:

Using 3D CAD software, students will design and construct a bee friendly environment to educate the community on how to protect and increase the population of bees Session 3: Students will finalise their digital environments and create a VR experience to enable their peers to explore their creations.

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