City of Ballarat, with the support of Federation University Australia, Ballarat Tech School, Highlands LLEN and other sponsors and supporters, run an annual electronic-games expo for senior secondary students from Ballarat and surrounding regions. Get into Games with Ballarat GIG.

Great games make for amazing experiences regardless of how the player wants to play, and for Get into Games, we wanted to strive for that same freedom of choice and feeling of impact. That’s why we’ve packed our event with awesome experiences like our live industry expert panel, access to tabletop experts, storytelling sessions with twine, and free-play time for game lovers. We’re also offering attendees a choice of participating in one of two extended sessions happening at the same time; either a 3D modelling masterclass in Blender or a game design crash course in Unreal Engine.



Thursday October 6th: Expert Panel followed by workshops.

Friday October 7th: Workshops only. 
Expert Panel will be streamed live for schools who aren't registered for the Thursday event. 


136 Albert Street, Ballarat Central, 3350




The workshops for the day are broken into two streams, 3D modelling masterclass in Blender, or game design in Unreal Engine.

The modelling stream will learn about Blender, a powerful modelling program used internationally to create photorealistic renders, models for 3D games, and much more.

The game design stream will focus on the Unreal Engine - amazing, easy to learn game development software used to make Fortnite, Rocket League and many others.

So whether you’re into Models or Machinery, Artistry or Artifice, Creativity or Chaos, we’ve got something you can use to level up your game.


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