Program details

Henry Sutton is Australia's greatest ever inventor and, indeed, one of the greatest inventors the world has ever seen. His range of inventions included lighting, batteries, telephony and wireless telegraphy, photography, flight, microscopy, and car engines all of which are now part of our everyday lives.

This Australian inventor, working in isolation in Ballarat around the turn of the 20th century and is a major contributor to the modern technological age. By the age of 26 Henry Sutton had won world acclaim and graced the world stage among the giants of the scientific world. He stood as an equal alongside such men as Alexander Graham Bell, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

He was self-taught, attended the Ballarat School of Design as an SMB lecturer in electricity: 1883-1886 (now Federation University). Henry's pioneering work stands alone even today.

Students will be guided through a design thinking process to rapidly prototype their innovation on Day 1.

Learning program overview

Essential to the program is participation in a technology workshop to increase technical skills and capabilities. Through co-designing this program with BTS, this program can be linked to partner school programs and topics. STEM knowledge and understandings enables the program to run across a day, a series of days or within a term. BTS will support schools to 3D Print and Laser cut designs dveloped back at school.

PLEASE NOTE: Specific outcomes need to be discussed and planned before bookings can be made. This Program is designed to be driven by schools who have an idea that generally cannot be executed at their school.

Design technologies can include:

3D printing: Personalising assistive devices for people with accessability needs.

Laser cutting: Designing new product taking into account lean manufacturing principals.

Form boxes: To create moulds for design.

Electronic Concepts: Using Microbits or Hummingbird hardware

Success criteria

  • Seeking out information and asking questions to explore the application of new technologies
  • Approaching the technology workshops with a problem solving discovery attitude
  • Use of technology within an industry focus to complete a design prototype/outcome

Pathway examples

  • Technologist: software engineer, web designer, programmer, designer
  • Designers: engineers, system engineer, civil engineer, industrial design, scientist
  • Artisans: construction, production, technician, mechanic, project manager