Program details

The STEM Academy is new to BTS in 2020 and will operate during a semester. The STEM Academy is for students who are highly engaged with technology and have a desire to learn more about technology innovation which may include but is not limited to industry experiences and masterclasses in;

  • Digital Creation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  • Infrastructure
  • Security and Compliance

The focus of the program will be developed from gauging students interests to form a technology focus. Students will undertake technical masterclasses with industry experts to develop their skills and capabilities before choosing an area of interest to explore, prototype a system, environment or product.

This program is application based with teachers being able to nominate students for the program, please email

Success Criteria:

  • Engagement with industry to understand technology
  • Exploration of technology based applications innovation
  • Prototyping of technology applications to form solutions