Program details

Have you heard that livestock is now creating a digital footprint as they move from product to plate? Did you know that IBM has created a supercomputer Watson that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and analytical software to answer questions? In Dubai they have just tested their first unmanned drone taxi service in the hope it will become a viable transportation system in the city.

Technology is shaping and defining the world in which we live and as consumers we need to understand the capacity that technology has to positively disrupt the way that we work and the way that we do business in our hyper connected digital world.

We are spoilt when it comes to technology and many of us will even admit that it is something we simply can’t live without, it is important that students can experience and understand how technology can impact on how we live and the way we interact globally.

Students will rotate through three industry tech based experiences to understand the use and impact of technology on the industry areas and to complete a workshop with related technologies.

Learning program overview

Workshops are reviewed and adapted annually and have previously included:

  • Automation; robotics and programming co-ordinates
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Energy
  • Virtual Reality Experiences
  • Inside Explorer Autopsy Tables

The Industry Tech Taster program is an introductory program that can lead in to other learning programs to deepen students understanding and application of technology.

Success criteria

  • Ability to program or apply technology
  • Application of STEAM knowledge and skills
  • Exploration of Industry areas and applied technology

Pathway examples

  • Technologist: software engineer, web designer, programmer, designer
  • Designers: engineers, system engineer, architect, food technologist, mining
  • Informers: lab managers, OHS advisors, teachers, gallery curators, dectectives