Program details

"We all benefit when young people shape community life."

Ballarat Tech School (BTS) is teaming up with Crazy Ideas College to engage students in coming up with crazy good ideas that respond to issues facing teens and our local community.

Crazy Ideas College (CIC) builds the skills, connections and agency of young people so that they have the confidence and capacity to make change happen.

Commencing in term 1 2019 up to 150 year nine | VCAL will be guided through a seven week innovation process whereby they will explore an issue of interest and then design services and products that could be trialled in community. The process takes place at BTS and at your school.

Young people are often disconnected from decision making processes and undervalue their ability to effect change in community. We’ll liaise with community partners to identify real life issues for the students to work on.

There is an emerging body of evidence that young people require a broader skills set to thrive and be agents of change. New capabilities such as creativity, design, collaboration, entrepreneurialism and personal agency are becoming increasingly important.

The benefits of the CIC design process:

  • We get innovative and entrepreniual responses to complex social challenges when youngpeople are equipped to become creators, innovators and producers of crazy good in theworld
  • Young people have access to an ecosystem of people, ideas, resources and informationthat helps them to take charge of their development and action their ideas
  • We build relationships, wisdom and empathy across generations

Additional features of CIC Program:

  • the team at Ballarat Tech School and CIC provide coaching and troubleshooting support throughout the process
  • students will be provided with a CIC resource pack that supports them to take responsibility for navigating their way through the process
  • students will attend Ballarat Tech School for three sessions at key points in the process
  • teachers are provided with a CIC resource pack that provides hints and options for how teachers can use their skills to support students through the process
  • teachers are invited to a PD session to understand the student experience and their role

Term 1 CIC Dates - Introduction Day 27/2 & Pitch Day 3/4