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Globally the Chocolate market is expected to reach $208 billion by 2024, providing the livelihoods for an estimated 50 million rural families who produce almost 5 million tons of cocoa annually. But most cocoa farmers earn less than $3 a day in an industry that is causing local environmental damage and significantly contributing to worldwide plastic pollution.

Technology plays an essential role in product lifecycles and development: from the formation of an idea to delivery of merchandise, new technologies are rapidly changing the food industry. This program explores the design process of a new promotional chocolate product with significant focus on sustainability of the packaging and the ethical supply of raw materials.

Students develop collaboration and teamwork skills in a guided design experience that allows them to choose their focus area in Materials, Food or Technology. Each team member plays a critical role delivering specific elements to the final team prototype and client product pitch.

  • Material Specialist – focus on sustainable bioplastic packaging options and prototype innovative 3D packaging designs
  • Food Specialist – focus on manufacturing chocolate from raw materials and new product taste test survey process
  • Tech Specialist – focus on the design and manufacture a new chocolate mould and client specific promotional graphic design

Specialist workshops involve a mixture of hands on experiences, prototype development, local industry case studies and exposure to the ethical and sustainable issues within the chocolate industry.  With opportunities to use technology in 3D printing, vacuum FormBox moulding, Thermomixers, and of cause product taste testing, this program caters to a broad range of student interests and learning styles.


  • Connection of sensory awareness/empathy to product design and marketing
  • Application of technology to design and prototype a chocolate from raw materials to specialist moulded product
  • Use of teamwork: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills to innovate a new product