Program details

360° film provides students with an opportunity to communicate with and engage audiences through a truly immersive experience which can transport people to another world. Students will learn how to create an interactive 360° film to communicate an outcome.

360° video captures footage in a 360° radius around the camera and when you watch 360° film, you can choose where to look at any moment. For example, you can look up at the sky, down at the ground and behind you but you can't force the audience to look at anything in particular.

Responding to a prompt, students will:

  • plan and design a storyboard to communicate through film
  • create footage using 360° cameras
  • edit interactive 360° film
  • viewing the film through virtual reality headsets

This program can engage students in new ways of communicating outcomes at schools. Partner schools can borrow this equipment after completing the introductory program.

Success criteria

  • Understanding and application of 360° filming techniques
  • Introduction to online editing software
  • Development and delivery of a 360° film